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Do you run a product business?

Let's face it, 2022 was a challenging year for many product businesses. Sales were incredibly volatile, and the cost of living crisis, inflation and strike disruption were enough to exhaust even the most experienced of business owners.

If you're feeling tired, disheartened and ready for some new inspiration, then this is the course for you!

This FREE, fun, 5 day Facebook challenge (try saying that quickly!) will walk you through the exact steps that I have used to create sales plans for £400 million retail brands so that you can apply them to YOUR business. 

You'll leave the challenge with a clear idea of what your sales goals are for 2023, full of confidence, inspiration and ready to jump back in the ring!  

A little introduction...

Hi, I'm Catherine Erdly and I'll be hosting the challenge.

I'm an award-winning small business retail expert, passionate about helping small and independent brands and retailers grow their sales and manage their stock so they can build businesses that last.

Over my career, I have created sales plans hundreds of times for businesses of all sizes up to £400 million, for high street names such as Paperchase, Coast and Laura Ashley.

And for the last 5 years, I've helped hundreds of small businesses get clear and focused on their sales goals too.

I love the planning process as it brings so much clarity to what you are trying to achieve as a business. 

The Plan Your Sales challenge always has an amazing response, and I'm so excited to be bringing it back again for the fourth year!



Press, awards and speaking experience

What happens inside the challenge?

Friday 20th January

10pm - Registration closes 

Everyone is let into a private FB group 

Saturday 21st January

You'll be asked to come in and introduce yourself to get the party started!

Day 1: Monday 23rd January

6 am - First task drops into the group and your inbox, so if you need to complete it before your day begins then you can.  

These will not be long tasks! I know how busy you are, so they will take 10 - 15 minutes maximum. 

Throughout the day, I'll be checking in with the group regularly throughout the day to answer any questions as they come up

Evening - Ask me anything Live

I'll be going live in the group at around 8.30pm for you to ask me anything! This is your opportunity to get your questions about the task answered, as well as getting my thoughts on your 2022 plans

Days 2 - 4

Thse will follow the same format - with a morning task and an evening Live. 

There will be LOTS of opportunities to ask me questions and get support. 

Day 5: Friday 27th January 

We'll follow the same format as the other days with the evening Live being our closing party.  

We'll celebrate you spending a week getting ready to smash your 2023 goals! 

I'll also announce who has won a yearly membership to The Resilient Retail Club worth £320 - this will be awarded to the most supportive group participant!

Sunday 29th January


You'll have time over the weekend to catch up on any tasks you might have missed, but on Sunday night the group closes - party over, time to go home!


1. What kind of time commitment will this be?

It totally depends on how much time you have. 

I am very aware that time is so very precious for product business owners, so I've designed the tasks to be short and to the point. 

That said, I'll be offering a lot of support and sharing tons of what I know about building product businesses, so if you have got time to join us for the evening Lives and to be active in the group, then I promise it will be worth it!

2. Are the tasks complicated?

Each task itself is designed to be simple and short, and each one will build on the previous one so that by the end, you have a clear goal for your 2022 sales and a plan to get you there.

3. What's it like inside the challenge?

The last three challenges that I've hosted have been really fun and high energy and I've had amazing feedback from the participants. We keep it very focused - these five days are all about you and your business, getting ready for a fabulous 2023.

4. I haven't started my business yet, is it worth me joining in?

This challenge is really geared towards people who are already trading, however, I'll be sharing lots of information about growing sales so it would be worth joining for future reference.

5. I have a service business, can I join in?

Sorry, this is for product businesses only to help keep the focus on their unique needs.

6. I'm not on FB a lot - will I miss things?

I'm going to be using a Messenger bot to notify you when the tasks go into the group as well as letting you know when I'm about to go Live. 

Not a fan of Messenger? I'll also be sending out reminders via email. 

Not a fan of lots of email? You'll be able to opt-out if you don't want to get those reminders.

What did previous participants say about the 5 day challenge?

"I have LOVED doing this task and seeing the outcome. I think this plan will really help me focus and stay on track. No more faffing - lots more focus! Thanks Catherine!"

"I like the layering approach you used, it takes the pain out of doing this, and actually made me feel it's not an arduous task. I love planning so this is great. Thank you."

"Up bright and early to do the daily challenge before I head into London for meetings. Absolutely loving these challenges as a way to kick off the day, and sad it's almost over!"

"Thanks for a brilliant challenge, every day it helped so much."

"Thanks so much for running this challenge Catherine Erdly It was super organised and so easy to engage with and be a part of, while also doing the day job, mum life and all the other things we juggle. You are the best "

"Great thought-provoking stuff! Excited to get this down on a spreadsheet with where my sales should be coming from each month then a copy is going on the fridge to keep me focused!!!"

Got any more questions?

Please reach out if you have any questions about joining the challenge that I haven't answered above. 

I can't wait to have you join me! 

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